day 112 july 8, 2010

I am taking a minute to recover from the extreme heat at the lake today, with an iced coffee and photo uploading! Thought I would send your photo now, cause I am going out for a glass of wine with some girlfriends this evening (wish we could go out for a glass of wine! Maybe one day… : ) ) and your sister is coming! I can’t believe you are going to get together again when she lives so very far, far away!! I am excited for you. i hope you all have a wonderful time reconnecting, is she very different from you? I am sending you my sandy beach toes, cause I  remembered you said you liked this quilt, and I wanted you to see that we kinda live on it outside in the summer…and it comes in to grace our beds in the winter. I always like to think that one day when I am an old lady that I will make quilts…

My moment 112 is Abbie and Amelie at In-&Out the best burger place in California.  When they got off the plane from France it’s the first place they wanted to eat so we met them there.



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