113 July 9, 2010

Freddy is in the hospital, again. It’s not looking really good for my 92yr. old friend with one kidney…his tired kidney was damaged further by the meds his heart Dr. put him on last week when he had to go to the hospital. We had such a bittersweet, lovely date tonight, that’s what we call it when I visit with him…I posted a picture for the habit group with a Freddy quote tonight…he is such an amazing soul.

Anyway, friend, I took this picture when I was leaving the hospital parking garage.

Hi my friend.  I can’t believe the weekend is over already.  I thought of  your  old friend Freddy lots this weekend, I’m wondering how he is doing?  When  you  mentioned it wasn’t looking good I felt sad. I like how you sent me the words remember, those words are very powerful ones and I like it very much. I just  visited your flickr page and oh my, I love the support we get on flickr,  isn’t  is neat, those two gals in particular seem like extra special people, I like  how  we both have them as contacts:) The quote and beautiful picture are amazing, they go so well together, such a quiet calm moment.

113 – Abbie’s new skirt from the farmers market and her bracelet and shoes,  and  yes her bedroom floor could use some cleaning but it’s our life:)


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