115 july 11, 2010

115 – yesterday we went to hang out at my parents with my sister and her family,  my brother and my grandma.  Rich has been getting ready to buy a Harley, my dad  has one he has not rode in years so he is going to sell it to Rich.  Rich took  the class and test to get his motorcycle license and now we need to figure  out  how to get a loan and soon he will be the owner of a Harley.  This is our reflection in it. Have a wonderful week, hope you have lots of special moments and it’s not too hot.

# 115 ~ How wild is that, right?!!!!!! I snapped this shot Sun. morning, because I loved the light, and I was so happy to just be having coffee on our unfinished porch with our friend Doug (those are his flip-flopped feet!) I was so tickled when I saw how similar your moment with Rich was to this! : )


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