day 120 july 16, 2010

120 is Abbie in the cart at the market after her appointment with the doctor, she took her blood test like a champ but her tummy still hurt so I let her sit in the big part of the cart as we picked up a few things we needed.

I looked up tonight when I was coming home from Freddy’s, and these wonderful clouds greeted me…making all that I was fretting about (like the chocolate bar I ate, and the lack of motivation and exercise in my life right now…) seem so small…


day 119, july 15, 2010

This is a turning point moment…when I surrendered to the pull inside me to hold Co-Co close…and it  turned the whole evening sweeter… I posted a similar photo on flickr for the habit group, but you get my favorite…with Ellie doggy in the foreground and a glimpse of Chloe’s jewels. 🙂 I hope your evening granted you a chance to let go, and
unwind…thinking of you. xoxox

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~ A.
ps It’s so amazing to me that we have similar stories about our mama’s being so young when we arrived, I guess I should be used to the magic between us by now…but, it still amazes me!! : )

119 the farmers market as I told you I would send.  Sort of boring but you can see a general view of what we do each Thursday.

day 118 july 14, 2010

We (me and the kiddos ) went to visit my mom yesterday, she wanted me to see her gardens. It’s about a 2 hr. trip there, and it was hotter than Hades…but, we followed through, and it meant a lot to her, and her flowers are so pretty… These flower shadows made me think of you!  Hope you are well,

dear friend.
xoxoxoxoxoxox lots of Love ~ A.

Yesterday I took a little slice of time to write a letter to my cousin.  I got home yesterday and she had written me so I wanted to write her back as soon as possible, so I turned on Pandora and set it to Regina Spektor play list and sat with a cold cider and wrote her a letter.  It was maybe the best part of my day when I stop to think about it.  I was so excited when sun beams made the picture, I never really know what I’m going to get when I use my timer so I was thrilled with the sun in this shot.  I just sat the camera on the arm of the chair and this is what happened.  It’s exactly how the moment felt.

Lots of love to you my friend, have fun in the sun today and maybe you all can play in some water.  It’s Thursday, hope we go to the market I want some fruit.


xoxoxo T

day 117, july 13, 2010

I have a really busy evening with Freddy and then a date with my kiddos for American Idol. : ) I thought I would send you a picture early…we baked cupcakes this early afternoon, cause it was grey and dreary, when we finished baking the sun came out!

Hope you are feeling less like a spinning top today, friend…I am thinking of you extra lots.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox big hugs and lots of love ~ A.

117 – I got home this afternoon and since I go to work each day Abbie sleeps in then goes next door to hang out with Papa so her hair doesn’t get combed, this is a typical look when I get home from work.  I am lucky though that I get to be home by 1:30, it’s a great gig, I’m not complaining one little bit.

day 116 july 12, 2010

Behind but catching up.

# 116 ~ Jazz is having Archie (his BEST friend) over for a sleepover again this week. They jumped out of the pool and headed to the “hot tub” aka our mildewed little bathtub! I went up to check on them and this is what I found! They let co-Co join them too. : )

116 the sky – So I need to give you my pictures.  Last night so not inspired for pictures but as I lay on the hammock with Dylan reading with him I brought along my camera and I’m glad I did because as I looked at the sun setting and the pretty clouds I had to take a shot.  I know you have seen so many backyard sky shots with poles and wires but I couldn’t help it.