day 144, August 9, 2010

144 ~ Mon. ~ Driving Asa to Marching band I get to pass the Tibetan monastery, it is so beautiful. They have prayer flags strung up all around the building, real high up in the sky…this morning Co-Co and I stopped to admire them, there is such a peace there…I posted some shots on flickr last winter of the monastery, it just calls to me. : )

Okay so the moment 144, it’s Abbie still sleeping soundly next to our cat Brighteyes.  I love quiet mornings when there is not much stirring and it feels so peaceful.


day 143, August 8, 2010

143 ~ Sun. ~ I had an amazing dream about the ocean this past Fri. night so in the middle of the chaos this w’end decided to arrange some shells in a bowl of water to honor my ocean love… Willow thought I was super sweet to offer him a huge shell-filled bowl of drinking water!

Rich leveled my stove/oven.  It has been not level for a very long time, I cook something and it slide all the way to the back of the pan, the oven was even uneven and I would bake muffins, half would be perfect and half would be burnt.  I think when he leveled it out the oven should work better, I think or it appeared to when we baked the brownies.  It’s the little stuff, just took him a little bit to do it yet I it’s been like that for years.

day 141 August 6, 2010

141 ~ Fri. ~ I came home from a walk and dinner with a friend (late) and Eric was the only one awake, just sitting at the breakfast bar drinking a beer and reading the paper, everything felt so peaceful and quiet which is so not the usual…so I tried to capture the feeling of the peaceful moment. ( I have been playing with picnik, trying to learn what the sight has to offer, this shot is a combo of things, I liked it.

On my way home from my mom’s house Friday night.  I drove to H.B. to get the two little ones and my mom lives really close to Huntington, just one city over Newport so I decided since I was so close to drop by and see her, she is sad and a little lonely since my sister and  her family left.

day 139 August 4, 2010

# 139 ~ my Asa in the blue shirt with the trumpet at marching band camp practice last night. I snapped this from our car far, far from where they were but I wanted to share this little glimpse into what has been filing our days this week, and will be next..and actually, all the way till after football season! His practices this week have been from 9am -9pm.

139 – Abbie and Dylan making the muffins.

day 138 August 3, 2010

138 Today’s photo is of Miss Gaia snapping a photo of the crazy crew: Jazz, Co-Co and their buddy Archie, the sleepover king! We have had Archie with us once a week for many weeks now, and it’s always wild and fun when he and Jazz get their creative minds together! They let Chloe tag along, most times. : )

My shot from last night is the boys playing that boy game which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, however for hours all those boys were in heaven, these are just my two, I guess it’s a game you can walk away and roast a marshmallows and come back to because at this particular moment it was only my two boys, but at times it was also their Uncle Laurent, my nephew Sebastian who is only 7 and our neighborhood adoptee Chris, probably much like Jazz’s buddy, always seems to be around:)