day 124 July 20, 2010

124 There is a lake we drive by on our way to and from swim lessons, close to our house, and today as we were coming home we spotted some white out on the lake…we stopped to investigate,and stumbled into theseamazing birds!!! They were pretty far out and my zoom only half works on distance, but still…The truest gift is that when I got a chance to upload them, the blue heron magically appeared in a few of the shots, we could NOT see him from the shore!!!!!  I had to share these wonders with you, thinking of your egret friend by your house (and ON your house!!) I thought of you so much when I was spending my moment with them…

 124 I got Abbie some strawberries to snack on, it was shortly after her eating them when her fever went up again, she was in pain and feeling as though she had to throw up.  I will keep the strawberries, they were my day 124 intent plus there was a heart in one of the berries and I liked that.


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