day 143, August 8, 2010

143 ~ Sun. ~ I had an amazing dream about the ocean this past Fri. night so in the middle of the chaos this w’end decided to arrange some shells in a bowl of water to honor my ocean love… Willow thought I was super sweet to offer him a huge shell-filled bowl of drinking water!

Rich leveled my stove/oven.  It has been not level for a very long time, I cook something and it slide all the way to the back of the pan, the oven was even uneven and I would bake muffins, half would be perfect and half would be burnt.  I think when he leveled it out the oven should work better, I think or it appeared to when we baked the brownies.  It’s the little stuff, just took him a little bit to do it yet I it’s been like that for years.


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