August 11, 2010 two years ago summer


# 146 ~ today ~ we needed a break from cleaning the porch floor and decided to jump in the pool to cool down, well, I went to grab our towels off the line, and was taken back by the leaves gathered on the towels and then I noticed all the leaves fallen onto the ground, too. I know the tulip poplar leaves fall early, and it’s been too hot to really feel much like fall is coming, but…the leaves with the thought of school starting here in one week exactly, made me feel fall right around the corner.

Abbie LOVES SHOES and she likes the shoe section and she likes heels.  No joke every day she goes in my closet and wears my heels way more than I do.  So I bought her a pair of tiny heels for play and she was in heaven.  She fell in love with a purse but the limit was one thing.  I got myself a hand mixer and she got new heels. She is such a girl and I was afraid with two older brothers I would for sure get a tomboy.  So my day 146 is Abbie in the shoe section at Goodwill.


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