August 12, 2010 day 147 two years ago summer


#147 ~ I like the idea of us both admiring beautiful trees on the same day, so much…this is my one moment of clear peace from yesterday. the light is so warm and soft during my morning drives to drop Asa off at band camp, so yesterday I stopped on the gravel road by our house and spent a moment drinking up the beautiful light.

147 Yesterday I made time to get into our pool after work then lay on the hammock in the sun for two hours.  I thought the sun would do my legs good.  They are not getting better as quick as I like, I have finished the antibiotic last night and I still itch but I think not as much?  One day I think my legs are looking better and the next I may itch them to pieces and they look bad again.  It felt so good to just lay on the hammock, feel the wind, listen to the doves and wind chimes.  There was a small bit of that time when the kids went inside and it was very peaceful.  Then it was time to run Dylan to practice and there is an old park next to the soccer field so I took a walk around the park and looked at the old trees.  We got home to Rich making dinner and Austin and Abbie in the pool, Dylan jumped in too and we had a little night swimming in the doughboy.  I was going to send you a picture of a tree but when I saw my three in the pool at night as the moon came up and the sun went down, I thought that would be a better moment:)


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