Day 148 August 13, 2010 two years ago summer


#148 ~ today. Co-Co insisted this one was for you, even though I got another shot that I really wanted to be yours…I think I’ll put it on flickr for you! : ) Well, she wanted you to have this one cause you can see her whole dress, and a little of a spin. The blur is a sunflower with her friend the butterfly on it! Chloe and Gaia came back from the neighbors (where they were all playing while E and I met with the appraiser) with this sweet butterfly they found walking home, it stuck around forever, just letting them hold it and admire it.

Day 148 – tea with in-laws.  Mimi, that’s what the kids call Rich’s mom told Abbie to go sit in a meditation pose near the fish, she gladly did it.  So I took a picture and we giggled.  The little skirt with built in shorts she has on came from the thrift store we stopped by before tea.  I’m  happy she is willing to wear used clothes and actually gets very excited about it.  Friday night she got three new skirts for 2 dollars each.  She is collecting dolphins now and her Aunt surprised her with a dolphin music box on this night too.  It was a fun night to be out with the girls.  


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