#196 September 30 ,2010



#196 ~ Thurs. ~ Sat. the 2nd is our 17th wedding anniversary. Chloe decided to make a card and I found this on our bed yesterday morning…my heart was overjoyed! We looked at it together later, and she realized she forgot to add Jasper to our family drawing! She said she’d add him today. : )

196 – Thursday Abbie got a tour of the dorm that her tutor lives in and we even visited the girls bathroom area so while they were actually using the restroom, I took a SP and this is the total mom look, bra strap hanging out and hair pulled in a pony:) I loved how the girls had scripture on the bathroom mirrors, it was very inspiring.


day 195 september 29 2010


#195 ~ Wed. ~ Coco looking so like Coco! I caught her out front riding her bike with her tutu and pink princess helmet…when she stopped to see her reflection in the side of the van, I knew it was my  moment!

195 – Max went for his 2nd set of shots.  He is pretty mellow at the vet, just lays down on that high metal table, pretty laid back dude. However he doesn’t look happy to be there!

days 190 thru 193 and lost moments September 24 thru 27 2010


Somehow I misplaced Angela’s photos day 190 thru 193 so I decided to just put my fourImage shots all in one mosaic and tell you all a little bit about what was happening at the times.  I remember Angela and I being affected by Joelynne and the loss of her mother.  Angela struggling with her mom and I with my own, it had us realize that a sudden loss would be so tragic and we began to look at our relationships with our own mothers a little different.  I really wish I had found Angela’s photo’s we had decided to have a photo dedicated to Joelynne and I know Angela’s was probably amazing.  Mine is a lit candle by the word love.

day 189 September 23, 2010


#189 ~ Chloe and I were being goofy (wait till I post the flickr lie photo later…) and she gave me a crown to wear, and then we were gonna take our pic in a spot of sunlight on our floor, but we just couldn’t quite get it, this was just a random snap…and i loved how she was looking up at me, so wanted it to be my moment for you. We had such a rough morning with so much fussy energy but when I look at this
all that stress fades away…

189 – Thursday Abbie with her new Tutor. 

day 187 september 21 2010 two years ago today – international day of peace


187-   I fell hard in love with this little token of goodness. I love that the brownie troop at G and J’s school thought to put this celebration of International Peace Day display together. Gives me hope.

187 – She started swimming yesterday and she was in heaven, I think she is part mermaid she loves the water so much.  I was freezing just watching her.  It has been nice a cool this week but for heavens sake by weekend it’s back to the 90’s….come on already.  It’s like fall just gives us a tiny tease and back to hot. I was able to have Austin take my jump for peace picture!