178 September 12, 2010 Two Years Ago

178 ~ Sun. ~ Taking a break on the porch Sunday with a cappuccino, good books, and my dear Asa. It was a peaceful moment. The moment only lasted about 30 min. in a day full of have-tos and a huge migraine for me (premenstrual time has become so painful these last couple of months). After Asa left the porch, he went out and climbed the pine tree with his pocket knife, and preceded to slip at the top and stabbed himself in the thumb which caused a deep gash…so major drama followed this rare moment of peace! he was okay, but we all were shaken up by the what-ifs…what if you would have fallen on your knife, what if you would have fallen from the top f the tree, etc.!

178 – is last night Sunday when I chopped up all that stuff from Farmers market for the lemon sea salt salad I told you about. 


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