Day 150 August 2010 Two Years Ago Summer Moments


150 ~ Sun. ~ This is a shot of Co-Co (notice the pink frilly dress again!), Mina (borrowing Co-Co’s black velvet leotard) and Rowan…a rare moment when Rowan was still! Co-Co and Mina played together like
best friends…babies, dress-up, babies…and more babies! They were so sweet together.

 Day 150  – we got all our kids back today and Dylan loves going to the beach, mostly to collect shells.  He can walk up and down the beach for HOURS just collecting things.  Austin likes to try and surf and be in the water and Dylan could care less about that.  He was thrilled with his shells, he called me in and had them all displayed on the table as he told me which ones where his favorites then put all the orange shells in a baggy and labeled them orange, all the black shells and labeled them…all the unique shells etc.  He had about 5 bags labeled and divided.  I love that he likes to collect shells I think it’s sweet of course not girly at all, and I expressed that to oldest son too.  We are all different that’s what makes us unique and special.


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