Day 161 August 26, 2010 Two Years Ago Summer Moments


My friend Carey came by with her little one Ezra yesterday, Chloe and Ezra played in the new fort, and they had Ellie puppy dog join them! She climbed right up when they called to her, and just laid there while they giggled and giggled!

Rich, Abbie and I went to look at the puppies.  It was a hard choice but in the end it was Max who stole our heart.  He was the chubbiest of the bunch and he was asleep the entire time we were there.  I really wanted to see him and so they said we could wake him up and  hold him, from that moment on it was him.  He had a really great first night.  He slept at the end of our bed in the big box Austin made in wood shop, he went to bed when we did and slept until almost 5 a.m. not a peep all night. When he did wake up I took him out and  he went to the bathroom.  We came back in and he went back to the box for another hour then we all got up.  I was so pleased with how the night went I expected to be up every  hour.  So number 161 is called meet Max.


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