Day 163 August 28, 2010 Two Years Ago Summer Moments


# 163 ~ Sat. (today!)  I started my morning with coffee and a long shower. It was a shave and condition and tweeze kinda shower. : ) So I was feeling fresh, and thought I would snap a pic to maybe use for BAM (I decided later to use the one from Fri. night) anyway, this was about the only shot I took today, so I am sending you my fresh Sat. morning moment, cause it really did help my day to go better. I often shower at night…and think maybe I need to become more of a early morning shower girl…

 163 Rich, Austin and my niece Addison, Addison loved Max’s kennel, and that dude (Max) loves it too btw.  Tonight I was wondering where he went off to and  he got inside his own crate to sleep, that’s an awesome sign.  I’m reading that book which recommends crate training and tonight will be his first night inside it.  We took it up North but didn’t use it because there was no room in the room we were staying and last night we got home so late we didn’t set it up. So tonight is the night but seems as though he might already like it.


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