Day 164 August 29, 2010 Two Years Ago Summer Moments

#164 ~ Sun. ~ kinda lame. : ) But I was preoccupied with errands and have-tos, and I fell asleep during my massage! : ) This is all I have for Sun. These willow branches are a gift from our Ohio friends that came a few weeks ago, I liked them with the morning glory vine outside the window…the scene looked kinda peaceful to me.

 164 is another spider web, must be that time of year for spiders and it was over a bucket filled with door knobs, but you can’t really tell they are door knobs.  This was on my grandparents property, they have horses and cows and live out in the country.  It was my grandpa’s 83rd birthday and we celebrated Sunday before we left to go home.  This is my grandpa on my natural fathers side but I don’t know him very well. There were lots of cousins there that I had no idea who there were. I’m not very close to my dad’s family (sadly) I adore my grandmother though, she was always very supportive and would come see me and made sure to call me on all my birthday’s and also made it to my high school graduation, it means a lot to me, I love her to death actually and have WONDERFUL memories of her as a child.  


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