Day 172 September 6, 2010 Two Years Ago today

#172 ~yesterday morning was full of unexpected peace and sweetness…Eric stayed home with our family because it was the holiday which was a surprise, he usually has to work. So we were able to linger over coffee on the back porch together, and I was able to linger in the gardens, which is something I have all but given up on with the crazy rush of busyness school has brought our way. I loved finding these self-seeded morning glories climbing up the back of the house.


Dylan turned 12, he is the kid who sleeps in like you wouldn’t believe so he was still asleep in the camper bunk and we brought him little mini donuts with candles and we all sang happy birthday, he was sooo embarrassed,  he hates that sort of attention.  He is so simple all he wanted was subway for dinner and to shop at the 99cent store, plus he wanted this tiny weird skateboard thing, that was his day.  We also got him a cookie cake for after our subway dinner.  He always picks those cookie cakes.  


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