Day 177 September 11, 2010 Two Years Ago

177 ~ Sat. ~ We have been really social these past few days! Sat. was a friend’s potluck party out at her family’s log cabin in the middle of a beautiful forest. When it got dark they handed out glow necklaces to all the kids, so the forest was suddenly aglow with neon-necked kiddos! Too cute. This is a photo of jazz roasting a marshmallow, not that great of quality, but a moment I cherish. : )

 after a long day of soccer this is me and my new star necklace that I got from Farmers Market.  Today was actually another busy day of soccer pictures and we ran up to see if they would take Dylan for a later parkour class but it was too advance but it was good I went anyway because I found out Austin could also sign up and now on Sundays both boys can take the same class together and we will make up the one we missed today some other time.  Hope that made sense,  I’m tired from weekend, can’t believe I have a full week ahead.  


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