Day 179 September 13, 2010 Two Years Ago

179 ~ Mon. ~ This is a glimpse of the fun neighborhood  B-Day party we went to after school yesterday. It was a rock star party for a newly turned 5 yr. old. The kiddos got to put on face paint, color their hair green and purple, sing old 80’s karaoke, and gorge on cake! Well, actually, it was mostly the parents that sang kakaoke to the old 80’s songs (think, Holiday, by Madonna and Here Comes the Rain Again, by Eurythmics…) the mamas even had champagne! I found out it’s a neighborhood tradition for the moms to have champagne at the kiddos parties, this is one cool neighborhood! Can you see Jazz’s reflection in the glass? That’s my favorite part. : )

little Max, I’m sure he will grow into them!


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