Day 180 September 14, 2010 Two Years Ago

#180 ~ Tues. ~ Coco worked half the morning collecting berries from the ornamental bushes around the house, when she finished she said, “You can take a picture now.” : ) So I did! She set the whole thing up, the towel, the pretty basket, etc.

Tuesday, was just me and Austin running out to get an emergency repair to his braces, I also had to get petty cash for our company so we swung by my hometown and got that done and decided to walk around a little bit and stop for coffee.  We had the BEST conversation, I was in love.  I mean the mood has to be just right with the 15 year old, sometimes we sit in silence and no matter how many questions, or starts to conversations I may try, he will shoot me down but not on this day, on this day he was very open.  I cherished it.  He shot us driving home, here is our moment no. 180


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