Day 181, September 15, 2010


#181 ~ Wed. ~ When Coco and I got home from work and school this early afternoon, we went on the porch to have lunch (it’s pretty hot here again and the porch has ceiling fans) and the  hummingbirds were going berserk teasing and fighting with each other around our feeder, we love them so much, and it occurred to me that I had not even tried to take any photos this summer of them at all. So I grabbed my camera and stood in one of the chairs very, very still for about an hour!! They are so feisty and fast! I did get a few keeper shots though, which makes me happy cause my mama adores hummers and  now I am thinking of gifting her a photo for Christmas! I chose this one for my moment for you because I love the wildness in the wings! If I have time I will post another shot on flickr or fb or both. : )

 Day 181 – The Barbie day, walked through Abbie’s room and took one shot of this.  She has lots of Barbies but I really think she like her baby dolls better.


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