day 227 October 31, 2010 Halloween two years ago

What I find so interesting during our moments project is that we went through every major holiday together and not once did our moments include a moment in the midst of the holiday.  This was Halloween day and we both wrote about how busy we were on this day and neither of us included a picture carving pumpkins or kids dressed up?  Christmas will be the same, it’s a moment aside from the chaos of the day, a quiet moment usually.  I love this about our moments, another way we are the same.

Sun.#227 ~ Halloween. We were bone tired Sun. morning, and the kiddos had homework, we had chores, etc. to tend to before the big festivities. This glimpse of Asa reading in the light for his homework melted my mama heart, it holds the stillness I so seek. It was fleeting, but at least he had a little downtime.

227 – We still had another soccer game this day and it was Rich’s birthday and Halloween and a very busy day. Before we left for soccer game Abbie was giving the hens some attention and her poor little lips are so chapped because it’s also been windy here.


day 226 October 30, 2010

Sat.#226 ~ my mom stayed with Jazz and Coco Sat. morning so E, G, and I could travel to Indianapolis to the Colt’s stadium for the state marching band competition. Gaia was so super excited, she’s a serious Colts fan. : ) This is a shot onto the field from our seats way up high. Asa’s band placed last (10 of 10) but they still had a great time, and it was an honor for them to make it all the way to state.

226 – It rained really hard Saturday a.m. so I thought for sure Austin’s away morning game would be canceled but it was not so we went and on our way home we stopped for In&Out and the sun had come out and it turned into a really pretty day, somehow our ATM worked on this day, thank goodness.  These are the best burgers in Cali.  I can’t remember if I have sent In&Out before but if so it’s just cause I LOVE IT!

day 225 October 29, 2010

This is one of those moments that I really, really LOVE. 

Fri.#225 ~ we went to the High School for a marching band performance, Coco and Gaia rarely hold hands, so when I saw them walking hand and hand, I knew it was to be captured…I wish I could have gotten a shot of my mama, cause she went with us, and she is Asa’s biggest fan, but she is so camera shy, and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

225 – Friday I had seen on Debbie’s site she and her son had made some of the cranes we both love and she included instructions on one of the shots so Austin and I sat in front of Youtube and together made our first crane, it was kind of magical, kind of funny and just plain old cool to be next to him…they are hard to do!  I hold for you in my hand our pride and joy.

day 224 October 28 2010

I love to see little helper here!  So sweet! 

224 Here’s my moment: With all four kiddos home I thought we should tackle a few chores before our big w’end (grandma coming, trip to Indy for Asa’s marching band competition, Halloween party, etc.) and Jazz was asked to vacuum the living room. : ) he complained about not liking the noise, which was so hilarious to the rest of us cause he is the King of LOUD! So anyway, we got his tape player and ear phones, and then he vacuumed!

224 – rose petals and herbs drying.

223 October 27, 2010

And sometimes our moments just don’t really go together.  Like this one. However isn’t CoCo so sweet near the woods with Willow kitty? 

#223 ~ This is from our walk to school yesterday for Jazz’s Halloween party, Willow followed us again…and Asa walked to the school later in the evening to draw and take photos (be still my heart) and heard a meowing in the woods by the school and sure enough it was Willow…I wish you could see them better in this photo, but I do like the feeling of it. I am hoping to post another photo of Coco with her wings on flickr later in the day, time willing!

123 – man or man Angela, it’s like 10:00 at night or so and I realize I have not really got a moment for you.  So I had been in the kitchen earlier and since I don’t have any wine, which is my nightly ritual I decided to warm some tea.  Well I had put my cup in the micro and FORGOT about it and Rich says “someone left the microwave door open” and I laughed and said, “oh I must have got side tracked, forgot all about my tea!!”  Then I realize, that’s my moment. I finished up my night with a hot cup of stress reducer tea the yogi Kava one. 

day 222 October 26, 2010

I always admire fall from afar in other places because in California it takes a while for fall to reach us and when it does, it’s not nearly as colorful as back East.#222 ~ Tues. ~ a handful of fall just for you. Chloe and I collected a few leaves on our errands ( lots of these red ones came from Target parking lot!!) and the yellow fan leaves are from a neighbors Ginko tree, which is beautiful, but the fruit smells like throw-up! Seriously. They host a Halloween party every year, and the trees provide an atmosphere…

122 – Tuesday,  Dylan took this picture for me as I jumped.   It was getting dark so the blur happened but I like it, shows the movement. I got some new Toms!


day 221 October 25, 2010

I love the shadows on Angela’s back as she stretches, I can almost feel how good this must feel today as I reminisce.  I think it’s so cool we both got our mom time on this day.  It makes me smile even today and honestly it makes me want to stretch when I get home from work today.

221 yesterday I let Jazz and Gaia ride the bus home from school, and stole this moment for me, when Chloe was playing in the front room, and Asa was working on the computer…yoga stretches in a patch of sunlight…just what I needed.

 121 – Monday I sat in the waiting room while Abbie did an eye evaluation and she was in there about an hour and a half.  I had more time to read and their lighting was perfect, so warm and cozy and the sofa was comfy, man I seriously could have rolled up in a ball and took a nap.  This is me reading in the waiting room.