day 199 oct 3 2010


#199 ~ Sun. ~ Gaia had her party at the local bowling alley (gulp!) I was nervous, it just seemed so florescent and loud and weird! But, she had attended a couple bowling parties and had lots of fun, so Eric talked me into saying okay, and I am so glad I did! It was a blast! The kiddos had the freedom to bowl together, sing and dance to the wild music, and just be silly…and the best part was that I didn’t have to clean my house, we just packed up snacks, the cake and the fam and headed there! So this photo moment is their silliness, they wanted to me to take a shot of them all with bowling balls and serious faces!

199 – All of us mommies are so busy, my sister and law makes these BEAUTIFUL cuff’s and she made one for me for my birthday, which was in May but as all busy mama’s know the best thought out plans usually come to life several months after the thought (lol) I adore my new cuff, the words are perfect and she knows me well and I just love every detail she put into it.


One thought on “day 199 oct 3 2010

  1. wow. that is really cool trace. thanks for sharing a little bit of me with a little bit of you. i’m honored that you would take a pic of my goods & say such nice things about them. i love you. xoxoxo

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