day 200 oct 4 2010 two years ago today


#200 (can you believe #200?!)  ~ Mon. ~ Our pink rose bush out back has had the most wonderful 2nd wind this early fall…she has 15 buds (she had only three or four in the spring!) so I clipped some to grace our house and snapped this shot. Gaia and I were editing a few of her party shots and we decided to play with a texture to celebrate #200, this is my 1st attempt at texture…I didn’t really “get” it before, I  guess…but after trying it, I feel like I can say it feels like it took an okay photo and made it interesting, and that I like! : )

200!!!!!  Yeah, when I named my file 200 I got a little excited about that!  Since I got the pleasure of seeing your shots first and I loved how you celebrated with texture so I did too!  They will look nice in the side by side someday.  Plus we both shot a piece of nature.  I shot the decorative cabbage because it had lovely rain drops on it, it’s been raining since yesterday and I love it.  I also just weeded and planted this on Sunday.  Can you believe by weekend though we will be up at 90 degrees?? In the meantime I’m enjoying this sneak peak at fall and we had chicken and dumplings last night, corn bread and I also made homemade banana bread.  The house smelt wonderful AND we also made a fire!! 



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