oct 6 2010 day 202


202  Wed.  Yesterday I went to the library while running errands with Coco, I picked up one of my favorite mags with the hopes of having some time to veg out later in the evening…well, I never really got to the vegging out, but I did really spend a minute thinking on how really all my life all I’ve ever wanted was to feel ‘whole’…not fractured and stressed, but completely in my life, in every moment whole-ly myself…so the magazine gave me a moment of contemplation and wondering…and it felt good…

202 – lord have mercy there was NOTHING focused about this picture so I added texture to mask that part about it (lol)  I think I may be addicted to the picknik texture…LOVING IT!  I think it sort of goes well with your whole living magazine shot though.  Plus it’s that soup, the soup packet you will be getting in the mail, you will see, I added my own bow tie pasta the one that comes with the pack is tiny bow tie and well I explain about the soup in my letter to you inside the box you will hopefully get by next week sometime.  I sent it ground UPS.


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