day 204 october 8, 2010

#204    Coco and I ran errands after her school morning, our food coop has the most beautiful fall displays so on our way out of the store I took a moment to capture this for you…I think it would look just right with your Thurs. fish market shot, and I took it without seeing your pic!

204 Abbie had two friends over and I took them to the soccer fields while Dylan practiced and first of all there was this huge hill they begged me to roll down but it was all the way across the field and at first I told them no but the more I thought about it the more I thought why not?  It’s good exercise for me and they will have fun.  They rolled down about 5 times. The rolling down shots didn’t really turn out and this is when they were all finished up and they found their shadows, I didn’t tell them to do this, they just did this!  I only told them to freeze for the shot:)  I love how they are not wearing shoes.


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