day 207 October 11, 2010

I especially love this picture of Coco and Willow and Abbie has grown so much since this picture was taken.

This is Monday’s moment, Coco and Willow were having some sweet connection. We took a little walk to the pond (which has dried up due to our drought…) and Willow followed, Coco was concerned that he would get lost and she was petting him to encourage him to come back home with us, and he did…

207 -My moment from yesterday is Abbie in the trees, it was actually meant to be just the trees so you could see some of our fall trees and Abbie jumps out of the jeep and says, mama, I have an idea for your moment you can take a picture of me peeking out of the trees, I took a quick snap shot while she was “showing” me her plan.  She and I were out running around, I had to pick up some toilet paper, cat food and things for the house, she is always willing to go, anything to get out of homework!  Oh we also got some Halloween shirts from Target for each other.  I’m wearing mine today, it’s green and has a cute owl on it.


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