day 212 October 16, 2010

A few years ago Angela had her Friday’s with Freddy and since then he has passed and this goes to show you, spending time with those we love is very important because they mighty just leave at any given moment.  This we all know but I think many take for granted, including me.  As for me and my photo, I’m wondering why we have so much celery?? 

#212 ~Sat. was such a big day, I had a hard time choosing which moment to send cause i shot a lot of pics out and about, a local magazine claimed Sat. as get out and take a picture day, so I was inspired to join in! This shot of Freddy won as my moment for you because of your awesome pic of you and Rich with shades,reflections, etc. We readers had a potluck belated B-day celebration for Freddy, and I loved the way I could see my reflection and the party table in F’s shades : )

212  – It was nice and cold Saturday so Austin helped me make some homemade chicken noodle soup, it tasted extra special because he helped make it.



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