day 220 October 24, 2010

I took an early morning picture Angela took a late night picture and we both sit on exercise balls as our computer chairs!  Two years ago I did but sadly that exercise ball popped and has not been replaced, these do feel good on your back while sitting for long periods.  I may just have to get another!

#220 ~ Sun. ~ We had so much to do yesterday. I was overwhelmed, and so cranky. So in the late afternoon, I made a solo trip to the library. Being there in the quiet helped to ease my stresses, so when I came home I was more available to my family. This is a late night shot, I realized @ 11:30 pm that I hadn’t taken a photo for us, so this is my moment, my copy of a library magazine that I adore, and my exercise ball which is my chair when I am working at the computer on the desk.

220 – I was so tired on Sunday and although I slept in, Max woke me up so when I let him out I noticed the sky was so beautiful and pink this early Sunday morning, so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it, I think my eyes were half closed and I was most certainly still half asleep.


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