223 October 27, 2010

And sometimes our moments just don’t really go together.  Like this one. However isn’t CoCo so sweet near the woods with Willow kitty? 

#223 ~ This is from our walk to school yesterday for Jazz’s Halloween party, Willow followed us again…and Asa walked to the school later in the evening to draw and take photos (be still my heart) and heard a meowing in the woods by the school and sure enough it was Willow…I wish you could see them better in this photo, but I do like the feeling of it. I am hoping to post another photo of Coco with her wings on flickr later in the day, time willing!

123 – man or man Angela, it’s like 10:00 at night or so and I realize I have not really got a moment for you.  So I had been in the kitchen earlier and since I don’t have any wine, which is my nightly ritual I decided to warm some tea.  Well I had put my cup in the micro and FORGOT about it and Rich says “someone left the microwave door open” and I laughed and said, “oh I must have got side tracked, forgot all about my tea!!”  Then I realize, that’s my moment. I finished up my night with a hot cup of stress reducer tea the yogi Kava one. 


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