day 226 October 30, 2010

Sat.#226 ~ my mom stayed with Jazz and Coco Sat. morning so E, G, and I could travel to Indianapolis to the Colt’s stadium for the state marching band competition. Gaia was so super excited, she’s a serious Colts fan. : ) This is a shot onto the field from our seats way up high. Asa’s band placed last (10 of 10) but they still had a great time, and it was an honor for them to make it all the way to state.

226 – It rained really hard Saturday a.m. so I thought for sure Austin’s away morning game would be canceled but it was not so we went and on our way home we stopped for In&Out and the sun had come out and it turned into a really pretty day, somehow our ATM worked on this day, thank goodness.  These are the best burgers in Cali.  I can’t remember if I have sent In&Out before but if so it’s just cause I LOVE IT!


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