day 227 October 31, 2010 Halloween two years ago

What I find so interesting during our moments project is that we went through every major holiday together and not once did our moments include a moment in the midst of the holiday.  This was Halloween day and we both wrote about how busy we were on this day and neither of us included a picture carving pumpkins or kids dressed up?  Christmas will be the same, it’s a moment aside from the chaos of the day, a quiet moment usually.  I love this about our moments, another way we are the same.

Sun.#227 ~ Halloween. We were bone tired Sun. morning, and the kiddos had homework, we had chores, etc. to tend to before the big festivities. This glimpse of Asa reading in the light for his homework melted my mama heart, it holds the stillness I so seek. It was fleeting, but at least he had a little downtime.

227 – We still had another soccer game this day and it was Rich’s birthday and Halloween and a very busy day. Before we left for soccer game Abbie was giving the hens some attention and her poor little lips are so chapped because it’s also been windy here.


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