day 259 December 2, 2010

259#259~  Again, late night! I was out on the porch admiring the stillness of the cold night and decided to take a shot of one of the twinkling lights…I honestly can’t even remember what today was like, this week is such a blur.

259  – This is our peace together isn’t it so pretty, the dove you sent matches my dining room:)


day 258 December 1, 2010


#258~  Another late night shot, when it’s a grey day, or at night it’s really hard to get a good photo in my house, I was trying to work on the focus, wanting to focus on the nest and it worked kinda, i don’t think this kit lens, which is 18 – 55 mm, is gonna make the magic you all with your 55 mm’s can, but maybe it’s just me? i don’t know, but I sure wish I could have you here to help me learn how! : ) i liked the wool with the nest on the window sill, I wasn’t even up to knitting, mostly just staring off into space the first couple days of healing.

258 –  after another long day and after the band performance, I got home and plopped on my chair, I’m always cold so I just kept your scarf on and thought that would make a nice moment.  I also used some of the bath stuff, it smelt so good and felt so soft, thank you, and yes I had a small glass of wine, read my devotion and went to bed.

I sure hope you are feeling okay and your stockings are killing you too much.

day 257 November 30, 2010


#257 ~ Realized late that I hadn’t taken a shot, and was feeling rough post procedure so when I saw Jazz, Coco, and Willow all curled up on my bed, it felt like an invitation to rest myself, and create a moment!

257 –  I thought of you so much this day, prayed when I thought of it, held this heart stone all day long, either in my pocket or in my hands and when I took it out I thought of you and our earlier connection when I posted this heart and you told me you also had one and posted it. 

day 256 November 29, 2010

#256 ~A different shot of our porch! Asa and I moved the firewood onto the porch last week (in the pouring rain!) and I saw it steeping in the sunlight yesterday, and thought of how much I love our woodstove, and our porch, and Eric who makes most of the fires, and built the porch…this was a grateful moment..

256 – dying roses, still sit there today, it will be something I clean up today when I get home.  My house is still very messy and I feel like it’s stressing me out. I don’t know why I let it get to me, I think it’s because we have little space and sort of a small house in general and it gets cluttered and seems even more small.  The addition is nice and big but the original house has very small rooms.


day 255 November 28, 2010

#255 ~ Eric and Gaia spent a chunk of the afternoon on Sun. stringing Christmas lights along the front porch…I LOVE Christmas lights…I liked how they were twinkling through the sun catcher hanging on the front door, so that’s my moment for you.

255 – I realized when I was about to get in bed for the night I had not taken a picture so I took a quick one of this glass of water, I’m soaking the clogged part of the espresso machine.  Oh, and it is orange, it’s glorious but the filter is so clogged and it’s like cement, so I just keep soaking it in hot water.

day 254 November 27, 2010

#254~ this shot is of my evening coffee…I made a special kind of coffee where you make espresso, then warm milk with sweetened con. milk, then froth the milk and mix…it’s so decadent and warm and soothing…I have really LOVED my moments without rushing through to the next thing and the next thing…I am so grateful for this break.

 254 – This shot goes PERFECT with your Friday moment!  You made the espresso drink, I took a picture of the machine and espresso!!  My mom gave me this espresso machine from the 1970’s and I love the look of it but I couldn’t get it to make espresso last night.  I was so dang excited about it.  It used to be at our family  yogurt shop and I made espresso for customers with this machine, I’m going to take a little of it apart to day and see if I can’t see what’s wrong with it.  Rich thinks it’s an eye sore (lol) but I’m in love with it!!



day 253 November 26, 2010

#253~  We had a lovely brunch Fri. morning, it was so beautifully sunny after two full days of rain, and Eric and Gaia baked banana bread…it was wonderful family moment.

253 – Day after thanksgiving we went to the village in the mountains and the kids played in the icy snow around the cabin, this is Dylan’s hand prints and name he made and asked me to take a picture of.