day 231 November 4, 2010

231 Chloe really wanted me to get a photo of her loving on baby Gwen at Jasper’s school concert last night, later she said she wanted it to be for you… So, here is my moment from yesterday, she rubbed her head the whole evening! I think she’s gonna be blessed now, like rubbing Buddha’s belly or something!

231 – Thursday I noticed a sweet yellow rose beginning to open.  This rose plant is one that I cherish in my garden, my grandpa started it and gifted it to me. 
Starting this Monday we decided to do a week of themes two years ago, they will be as follows.  I know confusing, this project is two years old yet new to anyone viewing it today.

– sunset
– a household chore
– peace
– the color blue
– pet or animal image
– heart


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