day 234 November 7 with the theme sunset

#234 ~ sunset ~ I ran out yesterday evening to try and get a glimpse of the sunset, and with the time change (we ‘fell’ back an hour) I almost missed all of the color…I don’t know really how I got this bokeh sunset!, but I liked the feel of it, so thought it would be my sunset moment! I was feeling fussy lots this w’end fractured too…too busy to really stop and reflect an my big boy turning 7yrs…and my mama growing older…she is a smoker, and is generally not very healthy. I worry for her…
Day 234, btw your bokeh sunset is SO BEAUTIFUL, I love it.  Me and Austin ran to the market last night and made sure to take our camera’s so we could get the sunset for our day Sunday, he was always two steps ahead with the perfect spot.  Here is my sunset on the fountain water.



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