day 235 November 8 2010 the theme was nourishment

On this day we each had such a different take on the word nourishment.  My mind automatically goes to FOOD, I love where Angela’s mind went.  Take a look and read.

I know this is an unusual example of nourishment, but it is my new reminder to tend to my heart’s needs, and to seek nourishment from other sources beyond food. I have been having a hell of a time with emotional eating, all summer really and now into fall, especially after Eric’s eye problems surfaced…feeling like life is ‘out of control’ is so hard for me. I am a bird lover, and when I found this little guy out with my mama and Gaia the other day, I snatched it up like it were gold…and it is a treasure to me. A reminder to feel my feelings, and to let my heart sing.

I love your idea of nourishment, wearing reminders is something I can relate to and such a great idea, this bird necklace is a great and rare find.  Simply adore it and love that you went outside the box of  food.  235 * our dinner last night.  I’m so happy to be the mama, to be the one to prepare food for my family with love.  This is our brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries.  We also had salmon patties and salad.  I could barely choke down the salmon, it was sooo fishy, Rich took one bite and was done but did you know each of my three children ate it all and raved about how great it was?  I’m thankful they like good food, food that nurturers their bodies.


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