day 236 November 9, 2010 theme household chore

Yesterday I made dinner for our family in the afternoon while Coco colored beside me. It was the household chore that took the most time and energy, so it’s my moment! The soup was a variation from this Indian cookbook (Indian food is my very favorite) but I mixed it up a bit, and used the wrong lentils, so it took ALL day long to cook them…and in the end, only E, myself and Asa ate any! Oh well…I’ll have the leftovers for lunch today. : )

I love how the colander full of lentils is like the drum of your washer! What a lovely coincidence.

Oh Boy Ange, with the days getting shorter I have more time at night but getting my creative groove on has been SOOOO HARD.  Like I mentioned before my camera does so horrible in low light so I’m a little disappointed yet again on what I came up with for my daily chore.  How was your day my friend?

236 is my washing machine, the inside of it:)


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