day 240 November 13, 2010 theme hearts

What saddens me about this post of our hearts is the visit Angela had from an old dear friend of theirs that has since passed.  It saddens me because during that visit, they had no way of knowing it would be the last.  I can be assured though that during that visit with their old friend each moment was completely full of life and love.  I suppose each of us should always if at all possible make each visit count, each visit with loved ones count and if we treated each visit as if it were the last can you imagine the tight bonds that would be made?

240 ~ Sat. ~ wish I could have been more creative with our heart prompt, but Sat. was the 1st day of sickness, and Doug’s visit, and rain and cold, and blah…

240 – Yep another busy day and I barely made it in the back yard to take a picture of a heart Abbie has for our love/heart moment.  The sun was setting quickly but I’m actually okay with this rushed shot but again wanted to be way more creative.


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