day 249 November 22, 2010

#249 ~ Totally random moment, I walked by the doorway and saw this, and it just cracked me up! Jazz was using Ellie as a pillow, she is such a gentle good girl.

249 –  a homemade quilt.  My Aunt Gail made this for us when we got married, it fit our king size bed and we used it for years as our comforter.  Then Austin got a hold of it and fell in love with it, he LOVES this quilt, it has become his quilt however the edges are frayed and he is very afraid it will fall apart.  He wants me to try and fix it.  I want to do that for him.  In the meantime, I washed it and hung it to dry indoors, this is his handmade quilt drying on our banister.


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