day 252 Thanksgiving two years ago

#252 ~Thanksgiving ~ This is my moment at the end of the day when I finally was back home and relaxing from a 5 hr. round trip drive in the pouring down, freezing, rain! We had a good time with my extended family, and spent some time at my mom’s too with my sister and her husband, and it all went really well…but, I was so glad to curl up in my new chair, feet up on the table, listening to Eric read to the little ones, knitting…

252 – Thanksgiving day I love how we both didn’t give each other shots of the meal or gathering, I love how we both took a different point of view from that day.  Your family restful cozy scene is what family and thankfulness is all about.  Each of your photo’s you send me have this deep warm quality about them which is a reflection of you as a person, deep, warm, caring, loving your photo’s always express these things.  My brother’s mom passed away on Thanksgiving Day, I feel for him, he was very close to her and he was her only child so they were very close as you may imagine.  This is my stepbrother I speak of but I was raised with him and my heart went out to him on this day.  This shot is a lonely leaf hanging on, just hanging on. She hung on long enough for my brother to get her to his home, so she could go surrounded by love and things she held close, like her dogs and the Lakers, my brother had a big t.v. rigged up so she could watch a Laker game.


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