day 254 November 27, 2010

#254~ this shot is of my evening coffee…I made a special kind of coffee where you make espresso, then warm milk with sweetened con. milk, then froth the milk and mix…it’s so decadent and warm and soothing…I have really LOVED my moments without rushing through to the next thing and the next thing…I am so grateful for this break.

 254 – This shot goes PERFECT with your Friday moment!  You made the espresso drink, I took a picture of the machine and espresso!!  My mom gave me this espresso machine from the 1970’s and I love the look of it but I couldn’t get it to make espresso last night.  I was so dang excited about it.  It used to be at our family  yogurt shop and I made espresso for customers with this machine, I’m going to take a little of it apart to day and see if I can’t see what’s wrong with it.  Rich thinks it’s an eye sore (lol) but I’m in love with it!!




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