day 258 December 1, 2010


#258~  Another late night shot, when it’s a grey day, or at night it’s really hard to get a good photo in my house, I was trying to work on the focus, wanting to focus on the nest and it worked kinda, i don’t think this kit lens, which is 18 – 55 mm, is gonna make the magic you all with your 55 mm’s can, but maybe it’s just me? i don’t know, but I sure wish I could have you here to help me learn how! : ) i liked the wool with the nest on the window sill, I wasn’t even up to knitting, mostly just staring off into space the first couple days of healing.

258 –  after another long day and after the band performance, I got home and plopped on my chair, I’m always cold so I just kept your scarf on and thought that would make a nice moment.  I also used some of the bath stuff, it smelt so good and felt so soft, thank you, and yes I had a small glass of wine, read my devotion and went to bed.

I sure hope you are feeling okay and your stockings are killing you too much.


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