day 284 December 27, 2010

This was one of those magical moments, the colors of our two moments compliment each other and I think this pair is one of my top ten favs  but just wait until you see New Years day from two years back, that one blew my mind.  I will catch up on these moments after the new year, I’m taking a small break until after the new year but I leave you with this pair until then.

284 December 27

284 ~ Mon. ~ This is a shot of the sunset from the hotel’s window where we were staying for the night on our journey to SC. It felt so so good to see the sun!

284 Monday – One of my goals this year is to try and journal more of my thoughts, fears, goals, ideas etc.  this is my matching journal and cup, from one of  my favorite discount stores, marshals, aren’t they so cute “keep calm and carry on”  I see it all over flickr and I love it!



day 283 December 26, 2010


#283 ~ Sun. This red breasted robin caught my eye, and touched my heart…

 283 – Day after Christmas and a picture of my angel, I used to have this same angel I bought from my sister when she was selling Southern Living stuff, it broke and I was sad but my mother-n-law had 4 of them she had received three as gifts so she gave me one of hers…..I made her shiny with glitter due to my glitter shiny addiction during the holidays;)

Day 282 December 25, 2010 Christmas two years ago

282#282 ~ Christmas. Eric and Coco enjoying our homemade cinnamon rolls before hitting the road to my mama’s house. Chloe was so grumpy all the way there, sugar crashing..but in this moment she was delightful!

 282 – Christmas morning, it was beautiful and gray and nice and foggy when we woke up.  I thought this one lonely bird was beautiful Christmas morning and I also a few moments later captured three on this same tree and shared it on flickr.

day 281 December 24, Christmas Eve 2010 Two Years Ago


#281 ~ Christmas eve ~ Eric gifted me this comfy chair that one of his clients (who is a friend of ours) was giving away. It’s very wonderful…I was catching my breath with my evening coffee, and Gaia
asked to take my picture as our moment for you. : )

281 – Friday which was Christmas Eve, Rich and I went out for some fresh air and sunshine with Max and walked in the park, if you look close you can see max and rich as bokeh people in the background.

day 280 December 23, 2010


280 Today’s moment is from our drive into town for dinner, Eric actually  pulled over so I could snap a little glimpse of our winter sunset for you. : ) Which made me laugh! He said, “You get two shots, then jump back in!” I snapped three, but this one was my favorite.

280 –  Thursday, our first day of sunshine after a full week of rain, it goes nicely with your beautiful winter sunset, well I think it does anyway.

day 279 December 22, 2010


279  I was hoping the shot of the snow boots kicked off on the back porch would have been a little different, more full of the story…but I decided to send it to you anyway, because yesterday morning I walked by the porch and smiled at how different it looked and felt, full of firewood, kicked off snow boots, messy winter living.And I liked the snowy light outside, it felt like my moment of realization that we here in Indiana, are a long way from summer!

279 – Wednesday I took Abbie to her eye therapy and it we still had our rain  here in California so the pretty colorful, wet leaves caught my eye in the parking lot.

day 278 December 21, 2010

278 winter beginsMy moment from Tues. is when I went outside to mark the Solstice with lighting a candle. I liked how the snow was glistening, even one little candle can put off some sweet comforting light…I wish I felt like that candle right now…but i just don’t have a very strong flame. I really hope I can get sometime to regroup my thoughts and restart my heart when we are away.

Tues 278 – Still raining and this was taken almost midnight again after a long day.  And yes, you are spotting the 50, to be honest it’s about all I shoot on my “big camera”  It’s nice and small and takes an awesome picture.  The rolling pin was the 50 and we had used it for our Cinnamon ornaments.  We have made what my mom calls magic bars, Rich’s mom calls them 7 layer bars, it’s the graham crackers, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and condensed milk, so easy but very yummy, at least I think so.