day 260 December 3, 2010


This was one of those days that we were not on the same page and I felt terrible sending this picture but I had attended a funeral this day and it was the only image I had to share. 

260~. Gaia and some girlfriends talked one of their cool teachers into staying in for recess with them and doing a “beauty shop”, the girls all brought in hairbrushes, clips, etc and the teacher brought in her curling irons and a straightening iron, she and Gaia asked my permission to straighten Gaia’s hair, of course i said “Yes, sure! “and this is how my girl looked! She wanted one of the photos we took
after school to be your moment. : )

260 – when I saw your 260 was beautiful Gaia, I feel sort of bad sending a sad picture but on this day I ONLY took pictures at the funeral so I have no choice.  At least the doves are pure and white and represent peace, also I love how my birds of peace go with your shadow cranes.  I turned it to black and white so the doves would stand out more, plus added texture.


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