day 261 December 4, 2010



On this winter day we both took a picture of the road in front of us!!  Mine blurry, as I drove and tried to shoot.  I can’t do two things at once, I thought Angela was so skilled, later to be told she was passenger while she took the winter road scene.  I love her scene very  much.  Makes me wonder if she has snow today on this day 2012?

# 261 ~ Today ~ I shot this driving home from the Nutcracker, I tried to take some shots at the ballet, but the lighting was weird and none of the shots really came out, I really wanted to give you a snow shot too.

261 – oh gosh this picture couldn’t be worse, I was driving and it was getting dark and I realized I had not taken a picture, the only cool thing about it is you also had a road/driving scene, so sorry it’s blurry, I must not be as skilled as you with driving shots (lol)




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