day 262 December 5, 2010


Sometimes it blows my mind to think this was two years ago.  I almost sent Angela a text yesterday to ask if she had snow yesterday because this time two years ago they did!  I love the reminders of years past, I love to compare and contrast, I like to see how far we have come, how much we have grown, for me this project fulfills these loves.  I also want to thank my one faithful “fan” of this blog, the gal who stops by to take a peek and clicks the like button, Licht Years  I appreciate you very, very much.  Thank you.

262 I am grateful for this moment of warmth and beauty that I am sending you from my Sunday evening. I was so glad to have Eric home, I didn’t have it in me to build a fire on Sat. when he was away, he took the three littler ones out to choose a Christmas tree,(which might take all the rest of the month to decorate!) while I stayed home with Asa (who had homework) and tried to make the house a little more in order before tomorrow’s chaos, and then he came in and built a warm fire…the moment didn’t last long enough, but it was wonderful.

262 – Dylan collected these fall leaves for me, he knows how I adore them and he arranged them like this and put them in this blue vase all HIM and I think it’s so pretty, it’s in my peaceful spot. We finally have fall leaves now!!


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