day 264 December 7, 2010

264I remember on this day two years ago, Angela showed me this winter scene outside her window.  I was taken by the red bird.  We don’t have these here in California, not the part I live in anyway.  I found this bird to be so beautiful.  I also like the heart in the image.  I had a list of things to do on this day, as most days.  I have been told by a few that life in other places is less fast paced then here in So. California where my family lives, it’s all I have ever known.  I’m native.  Sometimes I wonder?

#264~Tues. Before I left for the procedure (which wasn’t till 2:30 in the afternoon), I was really out of sorts, no coffee for 24 hours again was rough…and I was anxious to have it all behind me. I spent a lot of time looking out these windows, and a cardinal came for a snack, so I decided to call this my moment for you, remembering that you had said you don’t have these beautiful birds in Cali, the heart felt right for you too…it’s one of those cinnamon-apple sauce creations. : )

264 – This is my list of things to do,  I got most of them done but not all of them.  I’m forgetting so much lately I need to write things down.  I forgot all about poor Abbie’s eye therapy appointment on Monday and went to the back to get petty cash for my work instead, opps.


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