day 265 December 8, 2010

265I seriously couldn’t love this moment more from two years ago!  Look at all these adorable faces!!!  Just makes me SMILE.

#265~Wed After eric and jazz got home from cub scouts, we decided to fill the last hour before bedtime with tree trimming! E and the kiddos  brought it home on Sun., Eric strung the lights on Mon, and finally on  Wed. we put our ornaments on! As you can  imagine…Coco was super excited!

265 – This is our wash Max moment, Dylan took off his shorts and climbed in with him, then asked if this could be our moment, how could I refuse.  He loves to be in on the bathing of the dog.  He is the biggest animal lover in our house.  They all are drawn to him too and he is the one with allergies and they all want to sleep in his room and be around him. 



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