Day 266 December 9, 2010

266Sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn?  Every year twice a year our property taxes are due.  I’m not sure why December is the magic month but it is.  Each year we seem to scramble for the money, pinch pennies, push other things off and life very tight.  Guess what?  No different.  Due Monday, thank goodness mine and Rich’s check will cover it, however it leaves us with very little left to survive through the rest of the week/month.  All and all it’s okay, it always seems to work itself out.  I’m not afraid.

#266~This is just a simple moment shot…I didn’t have much in me …feeling really rough from all the meds, and lack of sleep…I’ve been living on espresso with milk and sweet con. milk (so so good!) and I liked the way the milk and sweet milk looked in the pan, so plain and kinda bare and cold, but still warm…like how I was feeling.

266 –  Dylan and Abbie got hair cuts, it was a crazy day and I was really upset on this day because I have been after a huge amount of money from the IRS since March, we had realized we made a big mistake in our favor on our taxes and filed an amendment.  I had to send them back up in October so I called to see where they were at with this all.  I had very bad news, the lady said they never received my back up, closed the file with no adjustments made, it was like too bad so sorry, you have to start all over again and the clock starts ticking again!  She told me things like I should have sent it certified and I was at the mercy of the post office etc.  I said to her literally “I feel like throwing up, this whole thing is making me sick, you get our money when we send it, no problem why don’t you get this, everyone knows where the IRS is!”  I was upset, I was counting on that money for Christmas and to pay back my mom and dad for money they had loaned us for our property tax last year, and now it was due again and we didn’t have money.  So long story but we have it resolved sort of, I called again and got an advocate and they found my paper work filed in the wrong year, so their mistake!! So feeling sort of down, this gloomy picture goes with my mood on that day.



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