day 267 December 10, 2010

Today 2 years later my property taxes are due, I always wonder why I wait until last minute, I don’t save my money and just have to have faith it will all work out.  It always does but being due in December makes it rough, however this also means we have a home and that is something to be thankful for.  I love how Angela was running late and still took a moment to take a picture for our moment this day and also the mom lesson, to stop think rather than react and then the situation that could have been terrible turns into a blessing instead.

267#267~  I was running around eating my bowl of oatmeal while getting dressed, I had an appointment for follow-up at the surgery center, and procrastinated to the point that I was late…so anyway, when I put the bowl on the bed to get dressed and saw Willow sleeping peacefully…it just reminded me of what I wanted to be doing! Gaia broke a chunk of this bowl, and was fretting, I had a good mama moment, and thought before reacting, and told her not to worry, that she just gifted me with a spoon rest by making the small break…I love those moments when I react from my heart.

267 – a heart that hangs in my kitchen window, I have had it for so many years I forgot where I picked it up.  


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